It's easy to get confused when deciding whether it's time to buy a new home and exactly how much you can afford to spend on that home. It starts with determining how much you may need to save for your down payment. It only gets more confusing when you try to guess how much you might pay each month for your mortgage if you buy a home at different price points. Rather than trying to work through the confusion alone, put our mortgage calculator to good use.

Accurately estimate your monthly payments, depending on your interest rate, down payment, mortgage type and other factors. It even adjusts for the cost of homeowner's insurance, so you can see how much home you can comfortably buy.

Our calculators can also help you determine how much money you may need to save for a down payment and what you can expect to pay for homes at various price points. Now is the time to educate yourself so that you're ready when the time to buy comes around.